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First off, did anyone catch the Hungarian GP, and if so, is it worth watching? I forgot to set the Tivo.

Long weekend... My friend Jan came up for a visit, and arrived Thrusday. Much coolness. The weekend was filled with talk of Japan and castles and discussions of entertainment, literature, hairballs, and the under-discussed role of male rape in literature. (Don't ask me to explain the latter... I was pretty tired and hyped on cheesecake when that discussion went on. Though I seem to recall that it was interesting and pleasantly intellectual. Yes, intellectual. I have some very strange friends.)

On the not much coolness side, my kitchen sink clogged up a couple of hours before my houseguest arrived. Considering my last plumbing problem involved all the showers and toilets in the house and turned into a huge (and somewhat expensive) hassle, I can probably be forgiven a slight moment of panic. I made a quick call to my dad, and we figured out that the problem seems likely to be localized to the kitchen, so there is no need to panic that we would need to find alternate bathing and toilet facilities. *phew* Dad volunteered to come over on Saturday (since we were planning on going out of town on Friday) and snake the drains.

Friday we and my mother day tripped up to Yosemite. The weather was just perfect. Yosemite is really darn cool. We took many pictures. Annoyingly, I haven't been able to look at the pics yet, since I still have WRR Argentina on the HD. *sigh* Must get time to clear junk off. Not that I need to have this all off by, um, Thursday. But that's another story.

Saturday we snaked the kitchen drains. It took long enough that we decided not to snake the bathroom drains as well. Still... In the past year I have had to snake just about every inch of the plumbing. Hopefully now that it's all done I will not have plumbing problems for a good long time.

(It still boggles me that I could live in SF for nearly 10 years and not have a single problem, but this year I've had three. Clearly I am burning off plumbing karma at a vastly accelerated rate.)

I can't remember the rest of Saturday. Stress from dealing with the final project for my class (which was due Friday) along with the drain problems and a really long day on Friday (heck, just a really long week) combined to leave me totally wiped out. I blame exhaustion for the strange uji-uji comments. Still... It was quite fun to sit around randomly poking through research on castles in the Kantou area and making obscure comments on whatever I turned up -- and actually have someone understand all my weird comments. Jan is one of the few people who not only shares my passion for Japanese history and geography. It's nice to be able to just make a comment and not have to go into a half-hour long digression in order explain my thoroughly obscure point.

Sunday we went up to SF so Jan could hit a couple of stores up there. I resisted the urge to buy a thoroughly cool (and, unfortunately, very faintly pricy) castle book. (I regretted this pretty much immediately, and am planning to correct this error at my earliest possible convenience.) One of the stores we stopped off at happened to be just down the street from my old place in SF, so I swung by. I haven't been there in nearly a year. I've kind of avoided it, since... I dunno, I wanted to focus on making home here, not there. Now... Yeah, home is here. But that doesn't mean that I have to completely cut off there as well. I've had enough huge changes in my life in the past year. I don't think there really is a need ignore ten years of my life.

Sunday evening I ended up being a bad hostess and ditched my houseguest for a while to meet with cirdan_havens and z107m (what the heck does your LJ name mean, anyway??) before they head off to RI. taeriel joined us, and we all terrorized the Cheesecake Factory with talk of hairballs and moutain roads in Japan. Much silliness (and cheesecake) was had. Afterward z107m gave me a copy of the IniD live action movie. The bits I saw... this should be intriguing. Just for added fun, it looks like Winamp will display the subtitles. And what subtitles there are...

So in short, despite a few minor annoyances, it was a great weekend. I haven't seen enough of my friends recently, so it was positively heavenly hanging out with everyone.

Need sleep now. Want to try and finish my book, since I'm finding it highly tedious at the moment and just want to get through.

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