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Tonight's Topic of Research: Dead People's Graves

First off, the cool link: Graves of Japan. I am most in awe of this person's scolastic knowledge of Japanese graves.

The subject of tonight's research: Dead people's graves. Why is this? Uh... Too little sleep, too many Uji-ujis. (The Uji-ujis make sense to a) anyone who has studied the Senkoku period Odawara Hojo, or b) people who have had insufficient amounts of sleep. Fortunately, me and my friend fall into both categories.)

Trying to find where Nobunaga is buried (no, it's not at Honnouji, there's only a faux grave and a memorial marker), I am only coming up with stuff in Miyagi Prefecture, even though he's supposed to be in Kyoto. Most annoying, but it leads to strange conversations like the following:

Me: Cool though he may be, Date Masamune needs to change his name. I'm tired of it looking like "date".

Friend: That is why I usually put the accent mark on the end for "date" and "mine".

Me: I'm reading this, and it says that this dude took part in the Date Riot. Now I'm getting a mental image of a bunch of pissed off girlfriends chucking fruit.

The reason for suddenly finding the Graves of Japan was my friend making the following declaration: "Oh, yeah, I found the grave of someone important recently. I can't remember who or where... Uh, right. Ishida Mitsunari. Can't remember where it is, though."

Grr... This, of course, means that Research Girl must find it.

It is located:

a) On Mt. Koya
b) At Daitoku-ji in Kyoto
c) At a temple whose name I cannot read in Akita city
d) At a temple in Hiyoshi, Kumamoto
e) All of the above.

The correct answer is, of course, e. I know he was on the losing side and all, but doesn't it seem a bit extreme putting bits of him all over the country? (Daitoku-ji seems to be the most common location.)

Since I'm not sure where all my pictures went, here are pictures of Honno-ji. They aren't kidding when they say the memorial is stuck in a corner.

Speaking of graves, I was poking through this site which is talking about how the ruins of Hachiouji Castle are haunted. How is this related to graves? Hojo Ujiteru.

And since this conversation is only getting sillier, I will leave you all with this thought:

"Jar-jar was not yoshi-yoshi. He was uji-uji."

And now, the people who spend too much time staring at historical Japanese names are going to do yall the favor of going to sleep.
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