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You know what rocks?

Being able to write a line of C# code and get it to compile without any errors. This? This is one of the coolest things.

(Not be confused with C#'s "this" keyword. Not that confusion is easy, since one "this" is capitalized and one is not. Not that most normal human beings would really notice this vital difference. But C# will. Because it is the most persnickity computer language I have ever met.)

I think it's been too long since I last learned a new computer language. I don't remember it being this frustrating learning any of the other horde of computer languages I know. But C#? Ugh. I'd say it's as frustrating as holding a conversation in Japanese only it's worse, since these days I'm proficient enough in Japanese that I can usually get my point across. (Even if I do sound like a five year old when I do it.) But in C# I know what I'm trying to say, it's just that the words I use are never the right ones, and I am at a loss for why.

That said, the C# compiler is pretty cool, and is an invaluable tool for fixing errors. While overall I don't think the IDE is advanced as VB6's (isn't that a sad thing to say?), it does have some really neat things. And it will come right out and say that you left parenthesis off of your function call, and will give you a little red squiggly if you leave off a semicolon, just like if you had misspelled a word in Word. Which is mighty helpful when one forgets that this IDE won't automatically fill in the parenthesis for you. (Unlike, say, VB6. Oh, and Microsoft? VB6 is technology that's over eight years old. Why couldn't you get the bells and whistles that you already have in one IDE incorporated into the latest and greatest new one?)

(Right now, compiling in this monster is like following Chris Atkinson's splits. Any time he finishes a stage I do a little happy dance, 'cause, well, all the wheels are still attached to the car. Similarly, any time my project compiles without errors, I get to do a happy dance. And if errors do occur, well, it was kinda expected that sooner or later a wheel would pop off, so it's not like it's the end of the universe.)

Meanwhile, frustration aside, I have managed to open a connection to my database. That? That is awesome. Now, if I can get data out of my database and into the list boxes on the screen I will declare that 1) I am a genius, and 2) that Progress Has Been Made.

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