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And Yet Another One

Still related to the section from my earlier post... (I am going to be so glad when they get to Hakone. I have never been to Hakone, and therefore will not have any moments where reality and the story collide.)

The latest reality collision produced one of those lovely Conversations With Myself (tm). (Yes, I talk to myself. Yes, I even answer myself. Periodically my answers amuse me. Usually my answers amuse those around me. Every now and then the answers are even useful. But I wouldn't count on that.)

And so, without futher ado, I present: My Lovely Conversation With Myself.

Me: So, Our Heros were planning on checking out where Maiko's brother crashed, but instead are going to the Futaara Shrine?

Snarky me: Uh-yup.

Me: And this would be... Tell me they are going to the middle Futaara Shrine, not the lower one.

Snarky me: I'd check the text on that one.

Me: *skims through description of the Futaara Shrines* Upper one at the top of Mt. Nantai... Middle one on the shores of Lake Chuzenji... This one, located next to the Toshogu. Please tell me I did not read that right.

Snarky me: Keep reading.

Me: Nope, clearly they are going to the one that's located next to the Toshogu, down in Nikko.

Snarky me: Looks like.

Me: Oookay. Check me if I'm wrong. The brother crashed while going from Chuzenji to Nikko?

Snarky me: Yup.

Me: And they are currently at Chuzenji, intending to go head down to Nikko?

Snarky me: Yeah, that sounds about right.

Me: Are there any ways to get from Chuzenji to Nikko that don't involve going down Irohazaka?

Snarky me: Well, I suppose there is the route that goes past Senjougahara and comes out at Numata in Gunma prefecture, then loops down through Maebashi before cutting through Isezaki, Kiryuu and Utsunomiya before arriving in Nikko.

Me: Yeah, um, that would take at least three hours, probably more. That is not a reasonable route unless one is trying to waste as much time as possible trying to get to Nikko.

Snarky me: True enough. It wouldn't be my first choice.

Me: So why did you bring it up? It's a completely ridiculous route!

Snarky me: You asked.

Me: Yeah, whatever. So really, the only logical way to get from Chuzenji to Nikko is to go down Irohazaka.

Snarky me: Pretty much, yeah.

Me: So, in order to get to the lower Futaara Shrine, Our Heros have to go down Irohazaka to get from Chuzenji to Nikko.

Snarky me: Sounds like.

Me: So, they are skipping checking out where the brother had his accident -- on Irohazaka, on the route between Chuzenji and Nikko -- in order to go down Irohazaka to get to Nikko from Chuzenji.

Snarky me: Yeah, that seems to sum it up.

Me: I just have to ask... HOW FREAKIN' STUPID ARE OUR HEROS?? I mean, how did they miss that they had to go right past the spot where the brother had his accident to get to where they are going? There is no way that they can avoid going past that spot!

Snarky me: Well, they could go out via Senjougahara...

Me: Shut up, you. There is no reasonable way. Taking that route would be stupid.

Snarky me: And the alternative is...

Me: Okay, so I did just ask how stupid Our Heros are. Because, um, yeah. Stupid. How freakin' hard is it to just stop the car and check out the spot while they are there? There are plenty of spots to pull off on Iroha.

Snarky me: And don't forget the earlier scene where they were blocking traffic. Surely it wouldn't be a problem for them to do it again while they get out and did whatever weird mystic stuff they need to.

Me: Yeah, that too. I mean... Right. Past. Where. They. Wanted. To. Go. And why did Maiko not point out that they were going to have to pass by where her brother had the accident on their way to the Futaara Shrine? Was she too blinded by Kousaka's shiny white trenchcoat? Which, by the way, I notice was missing from his description this time. I almost didn't recognize him without it.

Snarky me: Now you're just being snide.

Me: You're one to talk. Right. So. Our Heros. Stupid. Got it.

Snarky me: At least they get to go back up Iroha again. You'll enjoy that, right?

Me: Arrrrgh!

(The above is an example of why no one would ever want to sit in my head. 'Cause, damn, I'm awfully hard to live with!)

I'm actually finding the weird continuity glitches amusing. The strange mental images have been entertaining me (which is why they keep getting posted in the LJ. I'm sure if this was not a portion of the story that I already knew from the anime that I would probably not be getting quite so many "Er, what?" moments on the geography, since I would be concentrating more on the story. (Or at least I hope so? At any rate, that I know of they don't go anywhere that I know quite as well as the Nikko/Chuzenji area. Though we will have to see when they get to Kyoto. I seem to recall a certain amount of teleporting up and down the mountain at Kurama-dera in the OVAs. I wanna be able to do that, 'cause, man, that was some walk. And I have to do it at least once more, since my camera battery died before we got to the honden. Grr.)

I persist in being hugely entertained by Kousaka. Which perplexes me, since usually I don't like obnoxious characters like him. I think it's that there is a lot more depth to him than just wandering around being obnoxious. He loves taunting people -- particularly Naoe -- but will set it aside when necessary to accomplish his goals. (Though I get the impression that taunting Naoe is working toward accomplishing his goals. I just don't entirely know what his goals are.)

Okay, I do some more C# and then I get back to the endless up-Iroha/down-Iroha trek. Soon the story will go to Odawara. And there will be much rejoicing, since I remember very little of Odawara, other than that it always rains whenever I or my friends go there.
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