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Too Many Languages

I have too much fondness for langauage, I think. It causes problems like the one that came up today, while trying to cook lunch:

"Queso," I said. "Queso wa donde esta?"

I congratulated myself on putting together a complete, coherent sentence in Spanish with no problems. It flowed easily of the tongue, with no hesitations looking for words. And most importantly, no Japanese crept in.


It took me a minute to realize that the "wa" totally didn't belong in the Spanish.

In fact, check me if I'm wrong, but that sentence structure also totally wrong for Spanish.


(Oddly enough, while I was in Mexico the Japanese was polite enough to make itself scarce. I even managed to hold down a comprehensible -- though really broken -- conversation with a guy who wanted my hat. Next time I go to Mexico I'm wearing my SoA hat, not my SWRT one. I think my chances of getting mugged go down majorly if I do! And then there's a certain flag... But that's a different mugging story!)

Speaking of languages, learning C# got abruptly easier after I picked Finnish back up again. I think the brain looks at the Finnish and realizes that, fundamentally, C# is just not that bad. I don't know why, but Finnish sounds and grammer absolutely will not stick in my brain. *is sad*

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