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Shikoku Pilgrimage Site

This looks like an excellent site on the Shikoku pilgrimage.

According to Jan, one is supposed to go to Mt. Koya and get a goshuuin from there first. I think this is kinda cool. Here's why: The pilgrimage was set down by Kobo Daishi, who walked it several times himself. (There are stories of Kobo Daishi appearing to help pilgrims who are making their way along the pilgrimage route, even into the modern day.) He is buried at Mt. Koya, so in a way Koya is the end of his pilgrimage. It seems ironic/fitting to start one's journey at the end.

The page has a quote that I really liked: "Our lives are shaped by our expectations, not our accomplishments." That seems particularly fitting for me right now, given that I've had so many of my expectations suddenly come up unfulfilled.

Another quote that has been lingering with me came from slothman's corporate culture policy: "If you aren't making mistakes, then you aren't taking enough risks."

The last year of my life feels like one long string of mistakes, so I guess I've been taking a lot of risks recently, too. Though, oddly, the things that from my current perspective were "mistakes" have pretty much all be things I really enjoy (even now) as well. I think I need to go back through some of my Mexico pics and remember that sometimes if you take risks, the impossible happens.
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