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Well, that was novel... Not terribly appreciated, but certainly novel.

I'm taking an online C# class through one of the local community colleges at the moment. (This is being done to fill in holes in my resume so that maybe -- just maybe -- someone will give me a *&^$# job.) I am not terribly impressed with the class so far, for a variety of reasons.

Today I ran into a new low for the class.

The lectures are all on-line, run through some interface that is obviously designed with distance learning in mind. There is a list of links to the various lectures. Today I tried to go into one lecture and was told that I had to pass a "skills test" in order to view it.

Now, I've never had to pass a "skills test" in order to attend a lecture in a college class before, so this annoyed me somewhat. But it got better from there...

See, the "skills test" was on the course description and syllabus. Yes, that's right. I can't "attend lecture" (as it were) until I demonstrate that I've learned how the class works and -- very importantly (since the question came up FOUR TIMES on the skills test) how to e-mail the teacher. The other charming thing about the "skills test" is that is it THREE TIMES longer than any of the quizzes we've had to far. It's thirty-two questions, and I can't view the lecture until I pass it. And "passing" is defined as "answering every single question correctly.

Absolutely amazing.

For anyone who is wondering, I do not recommend this class. It is undoubtedly less obnoxious when it's not summer session, but I think in the case of this particular instructor, being able to talk to him face to face is probably necessary. (Not that I really want to, since he seems to redefine "anal retentive" -- and this is coming from ME -- and has a bit of a hostile attitude toward the students. Personally, I'm glad that I don't have to see him face to face.

And now that I have completed the 250 pages worth of reading for this week (not all of which was listed on the syllabus -- the last 100 I found out about when I went to read the class lecture for Tuesday, thank you anal teacher) I must go take the midterm, and then begin the project that is due tommorrow. Yes, that is just one week's worth of work. The teacher has highly unrealistic expectations of what is a reasonable weekly load.
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