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Yeah, it's time to find something else to read for a while when I'm going through a job posting and I read "migrate" as "mirage".

I'm going back and reading the first MoB novel, now that I have it. Books = much better than the anime. There is so much more explanation and character depth. I used to hate Kousaka, and now I think he's my favorite character. (At any rate, I go "squee" any time he shows up, which kind of sounds like favorite characterage, ne?) And the books make it clear that Shingen's maenzuka (the stone marker thingie he was confined in) is not located in Matsumoto. That was really bugging me, since there was completely and utterly no logical reason that it would be in Matsumoto. By the time that Shingen died, the Takeda no longer held the Matsumoto area. Given that, it makes no sense to bury him there. Happily, the novel lists that the first one that blew up was located in Koufu, which was held by the Takeda at the time. (It also happens to correspond to one of the locations of Shingen's graves that I have listed in my reference book. Yes, he has multiples. I'm not entirely sure why, but I suspect that it may have something to do with his death being covered up for three years.)

There are still some things that I think are completely illogical, though. Take, for example, the first time Naoe and Takaya have a conversation.

From Takaya's perspective, there is this guy you don't know who had just been hanging out with your best friend, who is (inconveniently) currently possessed by the ghost of someone -- and someone who is not necessarily that friendly. Said guy shows up the next day, doesn't say a word, and telekinetically throws a bunch of rocks at you. The guy then tells you there is something he has to show you, and the two of you get in his car and drive for an hour. (Yeah, the Kawanakajima battlefield is not located in Matsumoto.)

Now I ask you, would you get in a car with a stranger who just levitated a bunch of rocks at you? I gotta say, I most likely would not.

From Naoe's perspective, hey, it's been thirty years. You haven't seen this guy in all that time, and kind of were starting to think that maybe he really was dead. (Bummer.) The last time you saw him thirty years ago he was more than a little pissed off at you because of something that you did. (Though, to be fair, anyone would be murderously enraged at what you did. So his being mad was kind of understandable.) As a way of getting re-acquainted and catching up on lost time you... levitate a bunch of rocks at him.

Yeah... I always forgive my friends who seriously screwed me over when they throw rocks at me -- don't you?

I was kind of hoping that the novel would provide a better explanation for this complete and utter lack of reasonable character motivation. Alas, this is one of those points where the anime followed the book exactly. Bummer. I was hoping for at least seeing in the characters' heads to know what they heck they were thinking. 'Cause, um, yeah. Not so with the logic, there.

(Yes, I've heard enough about what happens later on in the series to understand that expecting logic out of Kagetora and Naoe is probably asking a little bit too much. But, still!)

Reading the novels I'm also continuously amused by all the talking punctuation. I guess it's a legitimate construction in Japanese. But there are times that I just have to sit and laugh, since it's so weird to have talking punctuation. llamabitchyo will sympathize, I'm sure. Take, for example, the following example:

"I say something that you have no reply to."


"I really do not think that is that answer you wish to give me."


"Let say something that will surprise and amaze you."


It really does leave me feeling like I am talking to punctuation, rather than a person. I keep thinking that maybe the person I was talking to was kidnapped by space aliens, who left some gramatical marks in their place to try and fool me that that person I was talking to is still there.
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