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88 Shikoku Kanon Pilgrimage

This listing is mainly for my reference. As I research more, more information will be added.

Useful link.

1. Ryousan-ji (霊山寺) 700 m walk north of the Sakadou (? 坂東) station on the JR Koutoku line. It's 5 stops up from Tokushima.

2. Gokuraku-ji (極楽寺) This is about 1.5 km from the last one, or . Close enough to walk, far enough that I'm not sure it's a brilliant idea. (Sure, it's only a mile. But a mile there and a mile back times a bunch of temples = unhappy feet + loss of time that could be used to be moving on to the next temple.)

3. Konzen-ji (金泉寺). 500 m north of the JR Sakano (坂野) station on the Koutoku line. This is two stops north of the station you get off for Ichiban.

4. Dainichi-ji (大日寺). The first problem child. It's 3 km away from the JR Sakano station. I'm not flatting my feet that much on only temple #4. From the station take a bus for 10 minutes, then take a 5 minute taxi ride (costs 700 yen). Yeah, the fourth one would be the first one that's a problem.

5. Jizo-ji (地蔵寺)(One guess who is venerated here?) 5 km from Sakano station. 5 minute walk from a bus stop. I'm beginning to sense that I'm going to need to get a bus map. This temple may be a short walk from #4, though the map doesn't make it look like they are that close.

6. Anraku-ji (安楽寺) More buses. Looks like you get off at the same bus stop as #5 and walk for 10 minutes. I'm beginning to think that a detailed map of the area might be best.

7. Juuraku-ji (十楽寺) (Yes, I'm being inconsistent with indicating lengthened vowels. In my defence, I say that "jizo" is the generally accepted spelling.) According to my directions, it's about 10 minutes further on than #6. Unless what I'm interpreting as a bus stop name is actually a bus line name. I'm kinda hoping not, but there is some room for doubt.

8. Kumatani-ji (熊谷寺) Okay, now it's getting about time for a car. This is either a 15 minute, 2000 yen taxi ride from the JR Tsurushima station (9 stops away from Tokushima on the Tokushima honsen -- note, this is different from the line the previous temples are on!)

9. Hourin-ji (法輪寺) Same station as above, 10 minute, 1000 yen taxi ride. If one wanted to be a real pilgrim about it, one could probably walk between the two of them. I think. The scale on my map is a bit difficult to tell. And the map does include all of Shikoku, so distances may be decieving.

10. Kirihata-ji (切幡寺) Yup, same station again. 20 minute ride for 2500 yen. I'm still hearing car here...
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