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One More Thing...

One additional note from my Nara post from yesterday.

The name for Tamon Castle was chosen as a sort of play on words. "Tamon" is an alternate name for Bishamon-ten. By using the name "Tamon" for his castle, Matsunaga made a reference to his other castle, which was located on the same mountain as the temple where Bishamon-ten was first worshiped, thereby tying the two castles together.

Matsunaga seems to have been quite an interesting character. I really must do more digging into his life.

This means that, really, I'm going to need to be ordering more books Real Soon Now, yet again. Once upon a time I had this daydream that it would take me until around November to get through the 10 books I picked up yesterday. Now I'm thinking they may last me through maybe early September. On the bright side, once I get through the set that I picked up yesterday I not only am out of stuff covered by anything animated, I am also beyond anything I have been spoilered for. (Okay, other than when certain people Get Some.) Not having any heads-up on who is going to show up may slow me down a bit while I dig through potentially unknown names. Oh, other than Kato Kiyomasa. Though I may be briefly distracted by pulling out my pictures of Kumamoto. (Hey, isn't Musashi contemporous? Hmm...) Right, and I heard that Kikkawa Motoharu shows up, but I've already totally researched his family,
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