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(I bet yall didn't know I was a sovereign state, did you? Probably explains a few things, though.)

I've been staying up too late recently. Kind of a sad thing to say, considering that I actually slept through a rally. (Two, technically, since Pikes Peak was this past weekend.) Too much partying with taeriel and velvetpaws last week (not that I wouldn't happily do it all over again, and waaaaay too much MoB. I just realized that the latest bout of brain-lock is being caused almost entirely by being overwhelmed by too much to read and too much to research. On the "bright" side, I've got one novel and two short stories to read before I run out and have to wait "patiently" until the shipment from Japan arrives. If I'm lucky, it'll be in about two weeks. If I'm not, it'll be another month and a half. *sigh* Oh well, this will give me a chance to work on Souryuuden, which I had been planning on reading before MoB anyway. (That worked, uh, not at all.)

Though a lot of the tired right now is probably because I went and saw Batman Begins in IMAX in the City last night and didn't get home until after 11. (Though I might not be so tired if I hadn't decided to stay up for another hour reading MoB. >.>) IMAX is an excellent format for the movie, and large amounts of time were spent just looking at the sweeping land- and cityscapes. This being my second viewing I didn't have to spend so much time focusing on plot and thematic elements and could really sit back and enjoy all the pretty. The actor playing Crane was really just too distracting. And I caught things this time through that I had missed before. "You burned my house and left me for dead. Consider us even." Ah, I had missed that lovely symetry! Lots of little subtlties popped out that hadn't been there before. Like fresne, "I'm not going to kill you, but I don't have to save you" continues to linger in my mind. How far does one's obligation to help extend? At what point can one step back and say "I've done enough." Does that line move when the person you are helping/not helping is a criminal bent on destroying all you hold dear? Mmm, tasty! I can't wait until the DVD comes out.

My class started this week. I'm finding that I really have completely lost all sense of time with not having to run to a strict schedule always. I'm hoping this does not shoot me in the foot too much with the class. Fortunately, it's an online course, so as long as I remember to keep working ahead I should be okay.

I just got mail from one of my former coworkers telling me that they announced that The New Company decided to shut down the SSF facility. (I.e., the one I used to work out of.) And let me say again: I am SO GLAD I don't work there any more. After an announcement like that the atmosphere (which was always unpleasant to being with) must be absolutely poisonous now. *shudder*

Oh, taeriel and velvetpaws? The lady from that accident called me. She wants my snail mail address. *sweatdrop* I let the call roll to voicemail since I didn't recognize the number and I had a houseguest. I'm not sure what to say when I call her back. (If I call her back? *sigh*) I really don't want to give her my address, since she freaked me out about as much as the guys in the jacked-up pickup with the Marines stickers on it. Damn my urge to be a good citizen.

I think I need to go do something active. Maybe that will get the brain working.

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