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Results of Research

Not a lot of links to show for the whole research, even though I dug through a lot of neat stuff.

Some nifty stuff on Usui Pass. Someone please tell me why I've switched series and yet I am back to Usui Touge?

Kaizu Castle, which was involved in the Battle of Kawanakajima. This must be gone to. The correct train stop to get off for the castle is Matsushiro (松代). The castle is practically across the street from the station. To get to the Kawanakajima go one stop up to Kanaiyama. Hachimanbara is pretty much directly across the river from the station. Isn't it a good thing that the river can be forded at this point? Yeah... If one doesn't feel like getting wet, there is a bridge to the north of the station. Cross the river, then turn left. I'm betting there will be signs. If all is lovely in the universe, there will also be a bus. If not, it's about a mile and a half walk.

Yet another Kawanakajima recreation. I'll need to read more carefully to determine if this was a one-off, or if it is an annual festival. If it was annual, it would be possible to catch both this one -- which is located in Koufu, of all places, don't ask me why -- and the one at Yonezawa.
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