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Portrait of a Chronic Overachiever

Conscious mind: Okay, I'm going to spend the day communing with reference books. There is a bunch of stuff that for weeks I have been wanting to ferret more information out about, and the list isn't getting any shorter. Today is the day. Nice and relaxed.

Wily hind-brain: And you want to find that folder with old translations, so you can see where you were at in Rasen no Kakera and maybe type up some of your old Raideen translations...

Conscious mind: True. Perhaps I will spend some time on that. But no more! Today is a free day of sloth.

Wily hind-brain: And don't forget that you need to flip the bookcase you're painting over and put on another coat. If you do it today, then you can put the final coat on tomorrow.

Conscious mind: Argh! I suppose I do need to work on that. But that's it! Other than that, researchful sloth!!

Wily hind-brain: Gee, that plant in front of the living room window is getting big. Tommorrow's recycling day, and the can is pretty much empty. Wouldn't it be nice to have that trimmed down a little?

Conscious mind: Curse you!!! Researchful sloth first. Maybe trim plant later. I mean this.

Wily hind-brain: Okay, okay. No problem. Don't forget to pick up the research books by dinnertime, since former coworker is coming over to watch the rally.

Conscious mind: ... And I suppose you're going to say that since I have a guest coming over doing a little housecleaning might be appropriate?

Wily hind-brain: *innocently* I hadn't thought of it. But now that you mention...

Conscious mind: *suspicious glower* Knock it off. I've been running too hard during the week, and I am loafing today. It's for my health.

Wily hind-brain: Oh, absolutely. Loafing is good. This is a perfect day for loafing. It reminds me of the days when we used to loaf around with seshat and watch anime all day. Wouldn't that be fun?

Conscious mind: *wistful sigh* Yeah, I've been thinking about doing more of that lately. Oooh, and I could show her Veronica Mars. I've got a bunch of it on DVD RAM. I just need to figure out how to hook the laptop up to a tv, but that shouldn't be that hard...

Wily hind-brain: That's the spirit!

Conscious mind: Argh! Why do you taunt me!
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