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Aged Cheese

After watching Robin Hood and the Sorcerer, (a brilliant piece of cheese which everyone should see if they get an opportunity) I got a craving to dig into my cheese collection. And remembered Changerion

Some of you will probably remember it as "the vampire bunnies show".

I adore this series. It is classic cheese at its very best. I've been saying for years that if I ever find it on LD I want to subtitle it, since it is one of those rare tokuzatsu series where it is even funnier if you can understand the dialog. I only have about fifteen episodes of it on tape -- less than half the series really. I've never seen the end, and I've been wanting the rest for forever, but haven't found any traces of it on LD.

Heh, heh, heh.

Well, it turns out that it is out on DVD. A link for ordering the box set can be found here


I know something else I want to pick up on my next trip to Japan.
Tags: changelion, cheese, tokuzatsu

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