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USGP: The American Fan

(To my non car friends, I apologize. Over the weekend a noteworthy happening occured in one part of the racing world. This being major and noteworthy, I want to discuss it with other interested friends. This journal is a central location to reach said friends. I try to be sensitive that some of my friends do not approve of my car hobby and try to keep most of the car stuff off of this journal. But at the end of the day, this is MY f***ing journal, and it is up to ME what I chose to post here. If you don't want to read the car posts, please be mature and just skip over the obviously car ones. And don't give me any &^%$ afterward about it. I've pretty much lost patience with being hassled about it at this point.)

Are American F1 fans that different from everywhere else? If this had happened in, say, Germany, would the reception be that different? Would Chinese fans be any more likely to come next year, after paying so much money to attend a race expecting to see 20 cars starting and only see 6? If I were a fan in England, would I not be asking for my money back after the race was, in essence, not run? I haven't seen a reaction yet that is uniquely "American".


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