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Still here? Right, on with the babbling.

So, Rence was kind enough to scan the latest chapters of the IniD serialization for me. Thanks, Rence! ^_^

*looks at the mystery person* Who the heck is that? Standing there like that, you would expect them to be someone important on Project D.

Oh, wait. That's Ryousuke. What happened, did his character design decide to migrate south for the winter?
*looks at what he's wearing* Well, his fashion sense certainly did. Strange shades of Second Stage. Except I think I like the pimp suit better.

Wow, the new team is awfully annoying. They'll be really easy for me to hate. And let it not be said that all characters in IniD talk like a textbook. And I was complaining that my familiarity with gutter talk was slipping, being spoiled by IniD all the time...

Something tells me that Shigeno still hates Evos. It says something that Seiji is one of the nicest people driving one in the series.

Wataru managed not to annoy me in this section. Weird.

There's an IniD game coming out for the PS2 on 3/27/03. (The day before I leave for Japan! *little happy dance*)

Short overview: This is similar to Arcade Stage. (I think it is a port of Arcade Stage, but I'm not sure -- skimming quickly and listening for meandering coworkers doesn't help the comprehension level.) It has a story mode where the player basically does Takumi's races, a "don't spill the water" mode, and a 1-on-1 mode. The game cover was drawn by Shigeno (complete with a really spiky-looking Keisuke), and all the voices are done by the original anime seiyuu. There are a total of 11 courses.

These mainly have screen shots. Scroll down, the info is usually about mid-way down the page.

Yeah, they're all in Japanese. Deal with it.
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