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Batman Begins

Batman Begins: Totally rocks. Go see it.

The movie ended, and it was with the greatest pleasure that I applauded. And said, "Ah, this redeems the summer for me, and completely washes away the bad taste left by... ah, that other major summer release. Whatever it was. I have forgotten it now, and had my faith renewed in good filmmaking."

Went for ice cream and hung with friends, after. Soothing and Phishy

Returning to my car, I was perplexed that my car -- and only my car -- had obviously been rained on. All other cars in the vicinity appeared dry, as did the ground. *looks questioningly at the car* What were you doing while I was gone?

I resisted -- but only barely -- waiting around until the owner of a World Rally Pearl Blue WRX with an SWRT stick in the window and a licence plate reading "Saurmon" returned. I also resisted -- even more barely -- taking a run up Highway 9. Reminding myself repeatedly that I currently am low on resources for dealing with the consequences should anything go awry managed to put a damper on that plan. Alas.

Now I think the ice cream is starting to wear off. I will probably not finish the last 30 pages of my book. Which may be good, since I have a feeling this story arc won't conclude in this book. I do rather hope they get one of the main characters unchained from a dungeon wall before the end of the book though. Unfortunately, at a rate of six minutes per page (reading in a foreign language can be so slow!), finishing off the last 30 pages will keep me up until roughtly... 3 AM? Yeah, I can skip finishing tonight. I hope...

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