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While culling through job listings this morning I found a posting for a company that jogged my memory. "Hey," I thought. "Didn't a coworker from one of my former jobs move on to that company?" After a little bit of research (as DataGeeks are prone to), I discovered that yes, this was the company that he went to after he left the one we were both at. (OnCare, for those who remember my various past jobs. That would be the one I was at, oh, eight years ago? It was the position right after LucasArts.)

Seeing as how 1) he was a cool coworker and I would love to get back in contact with him, and 2) I want to apply for positions within that company, I decided try giving the company a call and see if he's still there. It turns out that he still is!

I didn't get a chance to talk with him, just with his voicemail. I gave him my current contact information (since I've moved and changed e-mail addresses since last we were in touch), so we'll see if he will call back. I don't know if anything will come of this, but hopefully I can at least get in contact with a cool former coworker.

(BTW, the company and position? Totally down my alley. I'm going to hold off for a day before tossing them a resume, just in case I can leverage an inside source. But I am totally applying. Positive thoughts in my direction are, as always, more greatly appreciated than I could possibly express.)

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