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The sunset is stunning. Big, glowing sun that's not bright enough to be blinding, so one can stare straight at it with no harm. The haze in the air almost makes me think it's fall. The rest of the weather today was almost summer. I'm sitting around in short sleeves. It's finally cold enough that I need a sweater. It's January, for crying out loud. I want my winter, dammit. I have too many projects going on right now to lose out on my winter motivation/creativity burst. *glares at the perfectly clear sky* Rain, already!!

Speaking of projects, I think I've hit the point where I have so many that I'm totally daunted at the thought of starting in on any of them. I want to get back to my maps. I should get back to finishing translations for the week, and a fanfic. And finding a new job. And buying plane tickets, so that I can finally go on a freakin' vacation -- not to mention trying to get started on talking to the 8 people that I seem to be buying plane tickets for an telling them that if they want a say on their ticket, they better talk to me NOW, or else not complain about what they get. I'm too burnt out on coordinating schedules when buying tickets for large groups to put up with a lot of nonsense. And I don't feel like paying extra on my ticket this time because everyone else is a doofus.

I really want to get back to working on my maps. Or doing some random research. I miss doing random research.

Hungry... I ended up taking a nap instead of going to class today. Which was probably stupid for two reasons. First, I know that napping in the middle of the day makes me groggy. Second, I'm trying to re-establish habits so that I can get back to practicing so I'm not utterly embarrassed when I go to the Canada seminar. Or when Esaka-sensei comes here. *shiver* Or worse yet, when I test for san-dan, currently scheduled for this November, in Japan. *SHIVER* I'm also hoping that getting back into a routine will help me remember how to get motivated so I can get on with life instead of muddling along feeling confused and depressed.

What does that do with being hungry? I skipped eating lunch to take a nap, and thought I'd wait until something closer to dinner-time before I ate. Now I'm too tired/unmotivated to get food. I want a sourdough bowl to put my soup in. And I really want a chocolate fishie. Too much hassle to get either, though.

Yesterday a friend of mine drug me to a junkyard. He thought I'd like it. I have no idea why. I always say, "oh, the poor thing!" every time I see a wrecked or severely dented car. I don't know why he thought I would enjoy going to the equivalent of a car graveyard, with all the cars laid out like butchered corpses for the buzzards to come and pick over the choice insides. *shudder* It wasn't that bad. It was just kind of... macabre.

At least I also got my car all nice and cleaned and vacuumed. I also put a long scratch on the hood when I put air in my tires. >_< At least the tires are all nice and properly inflated. I think when I got the new ones put on they were under inflated. I just didn't know where to check to find out what they should be inflated to. (Though I did at least have a nice, new tire gage, thanks to Iwaki's infamous A.) Turns out the inflation guide is on the car, not the tire, in case anyone besides me doesn't have a clue. Darn it, bicycle tires don't work that way, so why should I have thought that car tires did! (Those who think I know anything about car maintenance, take note: I am a moron. Keep that in mind the next time you ask me something about how to maintain your car.)

Yeah, that's all kind of whiny. It's Sunday evening, and I don't want to go back to work. Hence, with the whine. If I get some cheese with that, I'll have dinner. *contemplates throwing in a Kamen Rider tape* Wrong kind of cheese. (Tasty, though!)

P.S. This is so pathetic, I had to share: I couldn't remember how to spell a word, and wasn't able to find it using (It kept giving me a word that describes some kind of fruit. Did you see any fruit in this post? No, neither did I.) I ended up looking up the Japanese word for it in my Japanese-English dictionary, just to get the English spelling. How lame is that? (For the bored, the J-E confirmed that I was right and that LiveJournal's spell-checker is smoking something. I still spell "maintainence" wrong, though.)

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