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Oh, The Drifting Pain

Oh, the pain.

But first... Disclaimer: I actually have a lot of respect for drifters. Yeah, it is to motorsports what ice skating is to football. But it takes an awful lot of car control to pull it off correctly. And it does look really darn cool.

That said... The program follows a pair of top-level drifters from the US Formula D drift championship as they bum around the drifting scene in Japan. They are drifting around a custom-made, closed touge track. It's not a bad piece of road. It would make a perfectly respectable tarmac superspecial.

The driving, though...

As far as drifting goes, it was perfectly nice work. As far as getting around a road quickly... *shudder* Oh, the horror. Efficient lines? What's that?

They would start into hairpin turns perfectly nicely. Midway through everything was looking tight and efficient. And then the exit... Slide, slide, slide -- you should be going straight by now -- slide, slide -- you DO realize that your next corner is over there... and the edge of the hill is over there. I don't know about you, but I know which one I would be heading toward.

I had been talking with azgregm over the weekend and commented that I find bad driving unaesthetic, a sensation similar to fingernails on a chalkboard. Watching the drifting on an actual road is like someone took a steel gauntlet to a chalkboard. Repeatedly.

I begin to understand why the rally folks have such a chip on their shoulder about the drifters.

And the potty mouths... These guys make Petter Solberg look like a four year old. Their mommies need to give someone a call about that.
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