Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

I Am... A Woody Allen Movie

'Melinda' is worth watching if you like Woody Allen

MELINDA is a haunting tale of a young girl living alone in a world of rot and

In both cases, Melinda is the catalyst for adultery, which does not play out

Initially, comic Melinda is perhaps an even bigger mess

On this day, Melinda is visiting Aki Kurose Middle School

The press kit that accompanies Melinda is larded with the usual gush from the
cast about what an honor it is to be chosen by Allen

"Melinda and Melinda" is a very adult, intelligent film chock-full of Allen's
trademarks, including an idyllic portrayal of New York City.

"Melinda and Melinda" is the 33rd film Woody Allen has written and directed in
39 years

Meanwhile, in the "comedy," Melinda is the downstairs neighbor of an ambitious film director, Susan (Amanda Peet), and her nebbish husband, Hobie (Will Ferrell).

The formal conceit of Melinda and Melinda is the telling of the same story in comic and tragic modes.

*nods at racerxmachina for the meme.

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