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From Anime news network:

Yaoi Paddle "Upgrade" (2005-06-02 14:39:13)
Hen Da Ne and have "upgraded" their famous Yaoi Paddles. The new paddles offer a more aerodynamic shape for grip and execution, are lacquer in the "finest Yaoi juices" and are more durable so as not to spliter or chip as easilly as the previous edition.


I was highly amused that when a group of us went to the YaoiCon booth and asked about the paddles (as a gift for a friend), their first reaction was to say "please don't hit anyone with it!" in a beleagured tone of voice. They were much friendlier once it was pointed out that we were the people who give the "don't hit anyone" lecture (everyone with me being ConOps staffers.) They complained that people were going around hitting each other with the yaoi paddle and it was giving YaoiCon a bad name. Then they pointed us to the booth that was selling them. (No, YaoiCon is not selling the yaoi paddles.)

... I'm still not thinking about "lacquered in the finest yaoi juices". It sounds too related to my earlier post about the hentai room... *shudder*

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