Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Hmm... Not Bad

After having several weeks of major suck, I'm rather amazed (and enjoying) having a reasonably positive day.

The good:

- The books I ordered back at the end of March finally came in! I had given up hope...

- My very first Unemployment check! (Yes, I have been unemployed for over six weeks now. My first check arrived yesterday. Happiness ensues.)

- The house is mostly cleaned, and laundry is being done. Cleanliness and order are ensuing.

- Bills have been paid and important mail-back forms have been filled out. All that awaits is some stamps and a post office.

- I have 22 hours worth of prime-time cell phone minutes! I can actually talk to people (other than prospective employers) during daylight hours without fear of excessive overage fees. Yay!

- Dad actually did not flake on his offer to buy me a lawn mower. This in and of itself it cause for happiness. (Dad typically will offer something, then when I actually ask him to follow through on the offer he will deny that he made it. Grr...) And it also leads to:

- The lawns have all been mowed and look nice. Except for some weeds that need pulling and the big empty space where the ivy used to be, the front yard looks downright tidy.

- I was able to practice iai for the first time in... well, it's been a long time. And I was able to walk the next day! The foots doesn't hurt more days than it does. Walking happiness!

- Dinner set up with fresne. Much shreading of badnes and discussing of goodness will ensue.

- Friends arrive... soon? Sometime today, at any rate.

Today's to-do:

- Finish cleaning the house.

- Take out the nifty leaf blower Dad got me and chase all the fallen leaves in the back yard away.

- Hit Kino to pick up the books that came in. (Ooh, shiny!)

- Drop stuff in the mail.

- Hit the fruit stand and pick up yummy things.

- Par-ty!!! (No, wait... Roomie still has to go to work, so maybe not.)

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