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Random Research

Drat. It looks like the Nisseki station at the race start on Irohazaka has changed companies, and is now an Eneos station. Grr... It wasn't a year ago in November. Looks like it had changed by May, 2002, though. Humph.

Why is it that I'm only finding IniD links when I'm doing a search for info on a building of historical importance?? Doesn't anyone have anything useful and historical to say?? Oh well, at least I'm finding some entertaining links.

Iroha rally off Need to read through this later and see if it's of any interest.

Deko Tamiya's Page I find his "Nakazato this month" to be perversely amusing.

Need to poke through this gallery more

110 kph? Honma ka??

Huh. Dark.

Darn. All the links were IniD related. Must modify search parameters. Must go take shower and leave before I am clubbed over the head with broken auto parts. (A friend is dragging me off to a junkyard for some reason. I am late. I leave now.)
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