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Thank You, Mr. Lucas

Thanks to being reminded of how cool the original Star Wars was, today I:

- Hooked up the laserdisc player.
- Wired the TV sound to come out of the TV once again.
- Wired in the A/V switch, like it's been needing since moving.
- Unpacked all my LDs.
- Sorted through my LDs and pulled out any that I also happen to now have on DVD.
- Put away some more CDs that have been languishing in storage.

Life am... Well, not quite good, but at least it's a teensy bit more organized. Hopefully the roomie won't want to play with the Playstation tonight, since I seem to have messed that up, and I don't have time to fix the problem before running off to meet my mother for what will undoubtedly be a highly uncomfortable dinner. Ah, the lengths the impovrished go to get a free meal out. I feel like such a college student.
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