Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Once More With Spoilers

What was with the Death Star appearing at the end of the movie? That is soooooooo lame! There are nineteen more years before Star Wars takes place (in which the Death Star becomes operational.) I've heard about project overruns, but that is just a bit too much of a suspension of disbelief.

Thank you, George, for messing with your own continuity. I know you've done it before, but that doesn't piss me off any less now. In Jedi Leia says she remembers her real mother, who "always seemed sad". I guess the reason she always seemed sad was because she was DEAD AND BURRIED. Rotting corpses probably do seem sad. (Or icky... Yes, definitely icky.)

Anakin was clearly dropped on his head too many times as a child. "The Jedi are bad. I trust you, Senator Palpatine. Oh, wait, you're the Sith Lord we've been looking for. Ooops. Lemme go tell on you. No, wait. I want your help in making sure that my (secret) wife doesn't die. Right. I'll pretend that I completely forgot all about that being an evil Sith Lord thing and accuse you of trying to do bad things to the guy who you are trying to electrocute you. And then I will have a hissy-cow when you try to kill him in a manner remarkably similar to someone I killed earlier on -- only, whoops, I seem to have conveniently forgotten about that as well. Oh well, it really didn't bother me because I'm supposed to turn evil this movie anyway." The characterization was too erratic.

Speaking of charactarization, Padme lost her character somewhere along the way. Oh well, so much for all modern movies needing to have a strong female character. I guess little baby Leia was sucking all the "gutsy woman" out of Padme. Dying of a "broken heart" was perfectly in character for the new and even more cardboard Padme.

I thought it dumb the way that just after giving birth Padme suddenly knew what she was going to name both of the kids. Up until giving birth she didn't know that she needed two names. It was just a little overly convenient.

And why is it that someone can get both their legs and an arm chopped off, along with catching on fire and be saved to have a reasonably normal, functional life and yet childbirth is something horribly life-threatening? I mean, where I live giving birth is not considered to be particularly dangerous. And yet somehow in the high-tech world of the Old Republic is it something to be feared. Am I missing something here? (Other than my suspension of disbelief?)

I appreciated that Jar-Jar had no speaking lines. Apparently Lucas has been convinced of the error of his ways.

Episode III is inspiring me to hook the LD player back up. I wanna go back and re-watch things that remind me of why Star Wars was just the coolest thing since Wonder Bread.
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