Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Episode III

I was going to write a really snarky review of the movie. But frankly, it didn't even manage to inspire me to reasonable levels of snark. I will, however, point to lucifie's review of the movie, which is everything I would have liked to say, only said better.

Instead, I will simply write a "my reaction in a nutshell."

Overall: I was not disappointed. I credit my walking in expecting the movie to be weak for this.

Plot/pacing: I think Episode 1 was a better paced movie. The plot for it also had fewer holes.

Music: As far as I could tell, no new themes or music were created for this film. The only parts that I noticed were recycled from the original trilogy, with one nod to the "Duel of the Fates" theme from Episode 1. I liked the original trilogy music. But I sure am not rushing out to pick up the soundtrack for this movie.

Dialog: Very similar to Episode II. Particularly in the "romance" scenes. We didn't quite get to the "don't let this kiss become a scar" level, but there were a couple of scenes where the hurl factor was almost overwhelming. Yoda and R2 got the best lines.

Acting: The melodramatic over-acting from several of the characters really increased my discomfort level with the overly cheesy dialog.

Fighting: Somewhere out there in the multitude of universes there is one where they brought Bob Anderson back to choreograph the fight sequences. I want to see the movie from that universe. This is a petty nit-pick, but Bob Anderson actually knows how to fight, and so could make other people look like they knew what they were doing also. Their current choreographer gave into the urge to make the film resemble a Hong Kong action film.

Few things frustrate me more than something that could have been good, but aren't. This movie solidly falls into this category. In the hands of a good writer, this movie could have ripped the viewers' hearts out. Bits of it tried, but were so overshadowed by the general weakness of the rest of the film that they only came across as sadly failed attempts at drama.

Oh, and why the heck didn't they credit James Earl Jones? That is just a tacky oversight.
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