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I'd been looking for something like this. Anyone wanna play "spot the Sandpanther"?

(Ezra will be pleased; he actually showed up in this one. lucifie and azgregm, I can't find you.)

Just for llamabitchyo we have funny colored poppies! I passed by the California Poppy Reserve on my way back from Lancaster. It was just amazing. There are all these big clumps of orange everywhere in the middle of an otherwise pretty barren landscape. (This particular picture is on the west side, and doesn't feature the classic desert scenery that dominates most of the preserve.)

(I'm trying to remember if I inflicted this picture on llamabitchyo... Everyone else be warned: you probably don't want to click the link. (llamabitchyo probably doesn't want to either, but I'm sure that curiosity will overcome any reluctance following the warning. I mean, it's not like it's an surlykitty link, right? Right??))
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