Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

My Laptop Is Afraid of Heights

I appear to own the world's most cowardly laptop. It is afraid of heights.

Yes, I know that sounds stupid. Imagine how stupid I feel typing such a thing. And yet there it is: I own the world's most cowardly laptop.

This would be my old Sony laptop, the Piggietop. (The laptop I am typing this on, my trusty Toshiba, is perfectly fine, thank goodness.) The Piggietop is the laptop I replaced because it stopped working. A friend of mine got it to work somehow, but I don't completely trust the little monster. And with good cause, it would seem.

The other day I acquired a chest of drawers. (Bear with me, this is related.) I thought this a wonderful thing, since this would allow me to pick the phone, answering machine and yes, the Cowardly Laptop up off the floor and make the whole place look a little more civilized and a little less college student bachelor pad. (Yes, I know I'm not a bachelor. This does contribute toward my urge not to have my home look like a bachelor pad.) So with great glee I moved the chest in and moved the electronics up to their new home. Since the Cowardly Laptop had crashed before I started moving things I turned it off for the great relocation.

When I tried to start it up again later, it refused. It showed all the same old symptoms: blank screen, no lights on. You know, dead laptop. No matter what I tried I couldn't get it to start. I resigned myself to no backup laptop until such time as I could get my friend to perform whatever magic he performed before to get the thing to work.

Then on a whim I decided to put it back down on the floor, and tried to start it up. It came right up with nary a hesitation.

I have a laptop that is afraid of heights. How sad is that?

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