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Today is the first showing of F1 on CBS. I flipped on the coverage and was greeted with a screen reading "if you hear the buzz, it's too late." I thought, "hm, interesting intro. With as fast as those cars go, when you hear the buzz -- and I like the way they describe the sound of the engines -- then the car is already flying by." Then I realized that it was a comercial for something called "Locust". So much for cool.

I must briefly whine that Speed's intro is vastly superior. No matter how dull the race is, I've found the intros to always be worth the time watching. I am also going to whine that Ralph Sheheen is doing the comentating. I always associate Ralph's voice with WRC coverage, and my hindbrain is whining that it is being denied.

Edit: What motorsports grid up with drivers getting on the dirty part of the track early? Out lovely presentation team just commented that F1 does it "differently", while I assumed that they were doing it logically. Heck, I always grid up at autocross in such a way that I am on the clean line as soon as possible -- and I'm not running slicks.

Does the Speed coverage use the Speed commentators? 'Cause all the comments for newbies are starting to annoy me. Particularly since they say things that I know are WRONG.

You people had to circle the steering wheel so your viewers would know what you were talking about. I'm going out on a limb here, but I think most of your viewers know what a freakin' STEERING WHEEL is!!!

lucifie, I think you're going to outlast me on watching the coverage. Four laps down and I'm about ready to start throwing things. This is actually a record. It usually takes half the race before I start snarking the commentating.

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