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All Alone In The Night

The power went off today around 3 PM. It didn't come back on until 9.

It was an interesting experience, sitting around and realizing how much of my life is dependant on electricity. There are the obvious things: no internet, no computer (well, limited computer; my laptop has 3 hours worth of power if I want to use it), no watching TiVo or DVDs. But then there are the small and annoying things, like getting dinner. I have an electric stove, and the microwave was, of course, useless. Obviously going out and getting something is the logical solution. Too bad the car is stuck in the garage. I could probably have figured out how to open the garage door manually, but it seemed too much hassle, so I figured out something cold to eat instead.

I have also realized how not prepared for a long-term disaster I am. I have -- er, had -- a bunch of candles. They weren't that bright and didn't last that long. And they got hot wax all over everything. Including me. Especially me. Now I know I need more candles.

No, hold that thought. Forget the candles. They're cute for a romantic evening but the time of candles producing useful amounts of light is long past. I need to get a couple of kerosene lamps and one of those battery run camping lights.

I also need to get a battery operated radio. I have a radio in the car. Of course, with the garage door closed, my urge to run the car so I can listen to the radio is kind of... not.

The lights came on right when I decided that I was fed up with not being able to see and getting hot candle wax on the floor (my poor hardwood floors...) and really, REALLY tired of burning my fingers on hot wax so, yeah, throwing a grumpy, whiny hissy fit. It's odd, but it seems at the moment the way to resolve issues in my life is to throw a whiny hissy fit. I'm not particularly pleased that annoyances will hang on until I reach the whiny stage. But I suppose if throwing a hissy fit fixes the problem, then yay hissy fit. Maybe next time I should try throwing one sooner.

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