Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

My morning

Any morning that starts with me being denied belgian waffles -- even if only in a dream -- is probably doomed not to go well right from the start. And that seems to describe this morning, as I was awoken from a dream where I was in Kyoto, and was going to get up and go get waffles from the Belgian waffle place in Kyoto Station just as soon as they opened. Unfortunately, before this happy event could take place a loud noise woke me up. After several minutes of swearing and whining "but I was in Kyoto!!!" I eventually got up.

Preparations for leaving were delayed somewhat. First I realized that part of the point of going to Book Off was to get rid of a bunch of anime and J-Pop CDs that I don't listen to. This prompted an important thought: do I even know where all of said CDs are? The answer to this important question is, of course, no. I haven't gotten all of my CDs unpacked yet, since that is waiting on my buying more fashionable CD racks than the ones I used to use. (One of them makes a much better shoe rack than it does a CD rack.) I failed to find all the CDs (and, once I remembered them, DVDs) that I want to get rid of. But at this point I figure that I will look upon them as a future treasure trove of reselling goodness, just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed at a later date and time.

The second major delay in preparations occured when I went to get my cooler. I discovered that apparently I had used it to transport things during the move and it was filled with -- just what everyone expects to find in a cooler -- batteries and film. I supposed it could be worse. It could have been filled with things that should have been refridgerated nine months ago. (Actually, there were a few things like that in there. Fortunately all of these items had caps which were still firmly in place, so it was not as bad as it could have been.)

Now I ready to get underway -- just as soon as I unplug my laptop, then make a "quick" run to the Post Awful to send in my taxes. Of course going to the Post Awful on Tax Day at lunchtime will be quick. Right? Right???

My current ETA is probably between 5:30 and 6, depending on traffic (both on the road, and at the Post Awful.)

- Melinda,
still bitter about the waffles

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