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Nope, I didn't fall off the face of the planet. I just don't have an awful lot of interesting going on, and have been feeling kind of anti-social. (Unless you consider tracking down random documents so I can finish my taxes interesting; and if you do find that interesting, could you please come over and do me a little favor...?)

Anyway, here is the boring stuff that's going on.

My final checks finally arrived. They didn't show up as expected on Saturday because whoever addressed it mis-spelled my address. After I called DHL and gave them the correct address they were very prompt in delivering my package. The amounts all look correct (if one assumes a 45% tax rate.) I deposited the checks on Monday and so far no dramas. With any luck, this should be the end of my association with my former company. Edit: At least one of the checks has cleared. *relief*

I had an interview on Tuesday. Second interview, actually. They mentioned that the competition for the job is now down to me and one other person, so that is good. They expect to make a decision by the end of the week. *crosses fingers* Overall the interview went well, so here's hoping.

After the interview I headed home to meet with a plumber. As part of the aftermath of all my plumbing backing up last week, I am left with some repairs that need to be done. (Nothing leaking -- yet.) The problem is... The last plumber told me that the flange was rusted and so he was not able to secure the toilet properly. He also complained that he couldn't get to the valve for the tank inlet, which resulted in the toilet making a horrible noise any time it was flushed and taking forever to refill. Supposedly the rusted, broken thing should be covered under my home warantee policy, so there should be no problem.

Well, there is one problem. I'm not sure what the issue is, but the plumber who came on Tuesday says that the flange (the bit that is broken) is not rusted. Yeah, it's older, but it's not rusted. There is a bit that is broken off, and that is why the other guy couldn't secure the toilet. It's likely that he over-torqued it, and that's what broke it. In any event, the warantee company says this is not normal wear and tear, so they aren't paying for it.

The plumber also mentioned that the way that the first plumber ran the snake is one that is likely to cause exactly this kind of problem. His company won't even do it -- they use a different way to do it. The first guy didn't even check to see if he could use second guy's prefered method. Or mention to me that doing it the way he tried it was risking doing any kind of damage. *rolls eyes* I am not impressed.

I called the first guy's company and complained. I had already not been terribly happy with the job the first guy did anyway. Beyond the toilet making unpleasant noises and taking about twice as long to fill, he took about three times what I was promised to arrive (he was supposed to arrive in 45 minutes; he actually showed up 2 1/2 hours later), he damaged my door trying to get his equipment in, then unscrewed the door to take it off of the hinges (and why not pull the pins? That's the normal way to do it), then didn't hang it right when he put it back on, resulting in the door not closing correctly. Grr. Talked to the manager at the company, and he said he would investigate and follow up with me. He at least sounded appologetic about the whole thing, so maybe there is hope that someone other than me will end up paying for fixing the problem. Which only seems right to me, really. Either is it normal wear and tear, in which case the home warantee company should pay. Or the first guy did something that caused the problem, in which case they should replace it and not charge me. 'Cause, really, causing problems while fixing another one is just not cool. And not a good way to get return customers.

If I do have to pay for it, the second guy's quote on doing the job is half the first guy's. And again, I am not impressed with First Guy.

Oh yeah, and Second Guy managed to get the toilet mounted correctly again (so I don't worry about things staying put when I'm using it) and fixed the noise problem. I like Second Guy, he is cool.

In news that is not related to plubming, for anyone who needs it (hopefully no one reading this!), you now can file for unemployment in California online. In fact, it's more likely that you can get through online than by calling. I tried calling (because the online form confused me) and they wouldn't even put me in queue to wait for an operator; they just told me to go online.

Other than finishing off the aftermath of Psycho Job, interviewing for new job and dealing with the plumbing joy of the week, I've been doing a lot of gardening. After many hours of work I now have (temporarily) subdued half my lawns and am nice and sore. Who needs gyms, I have a push mower and grass that has gotten high enough to figure out that it's bigger than the mower and there is only one mower and lots and lots of grass.

Being unemployed has its good points and its bad points. I dislike the bad points more than I am enjoying the good points, and wish that I could just get a new job already.

I've also been watching some anime recently. (Trying to get caught up and clear enough hard drive space so I can... er, download more. >.>)

Kannazuki no Miko
This is what happens when Eva and Utena have a secret love child. It's horrifying. It's awful. And yet... I found it entertaining, in a really warped, cheesy kind of way. It's not high art, and it's certainly not on the "rush out and see it now" list. But take it as mindless entertainment and it's not bad. As I have no brain (but have a love for fine cheese) I will be downloading more once I get the hard drive space.

Girl's Bravo
Harem show. So far so hitting all the tropes. Boy is scared of girls (they give him hives -- literally.) Boy gets beaten up and bullied by girls. Boy falls through a bathtub into another world where 90% of the population is female. Boy is chased by hordes of women, but really only wants the girl he met when he magically appeared in her bathtub. I deleted this with great pleasure (free disk space!!), and a sense of relief that I don't need to even think about downloading more episodes.

Mirage of Blaze, OVA

*whistful sigh* They go to Kyoto. I directed the characters to pop around the corner and get waffles from my favorite little Belgium wafffle place in the Kyoto train station. I was disgusted that they went to McDonalds when they were sitting on top of my favorite bakery in the world.

Hm, maybe I should write something about the plot rather than talking about my favorite eateries in Kyoto?

The OVA series contains one of the scenes that makes the fangirls go squee (and makes me hesitate showing the series to friends who aren't into yaoi, despite 90% of the plot being something that I know a lot of people would find entertaining.) (Me, I went squee that they raised a horde of tengu on Mt. Kurama. But then, I'm weird that way.

The OVAs are a logical continuation from the TV anime. It seemed to me in spots to be slightly more disjointed than the TV series. There were a couple of spots where stuff that I had picked up from people who had read the novels helped greatly. Overall, the story was compact enough to fit into three OVAs without completely losing people who don't already know what's happening. I liked it, though I am slightly irked that there are things that make me hesitate showing to people who I know otherwise would enjoy the series.

Kamen Rider Hibiki

I actually haven't watched an entire episode of this yet. I got through the first five minutes of the first episode and was so horrified by the main characters singing like they were in a musical that I decided to put off watching the rest until I was somewhere where I could scream in horror (or laugh loudly and derisively.) Unfortunately, that kind of behavior tends to get you arrested in most airports, and, since I happened to be in an airport in Texas, could very well have gotten me shot for being insane. I still have not braved Kamen Rider: The Musical. But I just had to share that.

Oh, yeah. And I'm busy clearing off hard drive space. I don't have enough room to compress the recordings I made over the weekend. But I won't get more space until I compress the recordings and delete the raws. But I can't compress the recordings because I don't have enough space... Yeah. Fortunately, there are tons and tons of photos to sort through and delete, which should give me enough room to compress things, which will give me enough room to... Er, yeah. Don't mind me, I'll just get burning stuff now.

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