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Last Times

With only two working days left at this job I have recently been drowned in a fit of nostalgia. "Ah," I will think walking out of a store, "this is the last time I will come to this store." Or one of my coworkers goes away on a business trip and I think "Alas, this is the last time I will ever see them again."

With leaving this company I am not just saying goodbye to four and one-half years of working in the same place with the same people. This will also cut my last ties to my time living in San Francisco. Since I work so close to where I used to live, it has, in many ways, prolonged the transition out of SF. So I am also saying goodbye to ten years of going to dinner with friends in SF and Berkeley, or stopping by SF Japantown on my way home, to all the restaurants and stores that I got used to frequenting over the decade of my residence in SF, and all the countless other things one gets used to over a long period of living somewhere.

Of course not all memories are good memories, and there are some things I say goodbye to with great pleasure. And it is with the greatest of pleasure I say goodbye to conversations like this:

Fluffy: How long do you think this will take?

Me: *gives reasonable time estimate*

Fluffy: Noooo. It can't possibly take that long!

Me: (thinks) If you have already decided how long it is going to take why the hell did you ask me???

(I am not yet, alas, saying goodbye to Fluffy. He still has two days left to thoroughly piss me off. Damn.)

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