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Death By Fangirl

Me: *stares at the passion vine outside the dining room* That thing's really grown in the past few weeks. I'm going to need to hack it back.

Passion Vine: Ooh, look at me. Aren't I pretty? And I have buds coming out, so soon I will be covered in lovely flowers. You wouldn't want to cut the lovely flowers, now would you?

Me: Ooh, lovely flowers. Pretty vine. *shakes head* What am I saying? This thing is going to hypnotize me, then eat me in the middle of the night, just like some ensign on Star Trek! *shakes fist* Your mind control powers will not work on me! *runs away*

-- several hours pass --

Me: Grr. Stupid yaoi fangirls who assume that since none of them read Japanese that everyone on the list wants to get spoilers. Stupid fangirls who won't leave spoiler space, and who don't mark that their stupid fan art is a major spoiler for the last book of a friggin' 40 novel series. They are pissing me off. Something must die! *eyes the passion vine*

Passion vine: *quakes in fear* My mind control cannot withstand the inannity of the yaoi fangirls. Oh no!
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