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My Day So Far

Alarm clock: Doesn't she look peaceful, sleeping there? Let's spoil that, shall we? Sun, if you could lend a hand? *makes noise*

Sun: With pleasure! I'll show her how to tell when she really needs to wake up, so she won't be confused next time she wakes up at 23:30 and thinks it's time to wake up. *shines brightly*

Me: Aiieeee! I am under attack! Blankets, pillow -- save me!!!

*sun shines*
*alarm clock makes noise*
*time passes*

Me: Okay, I give up. I'll get up.

Shower: Are you sure that's the best move you've made all day? No? Let me convince you it wasn't. *runs only a trickle*

Me: Argh. All the water is going out the tap and little of it is making it up to the shower head. I can't get all the soap washed off, and I will have to skip putting on bath gel.

Skin: Bad move. *itch, itch, itch*

Me: Grr. This will have to be fixed sooner, rather than later. Bathing is imperative for job interviews. Oh well, I will check my download.

Download: Look! Almost halfway done! I should be finished by this time tomorrow!

Me: Yeah, like I believe you. That's what you said yesterday. Oh, well. I'll set up seshat's computer to download as well, and maybe we can seed each other.

*gets in car*

Me: What's that light flickering on the dash? It says my parking brake is on? *checks the brake* No, it's not. And now the light is out. But when I accelerate, it comes back on. *checks the brake more* Argh, the wiring fault that is messing up the rear lights must be getting worse. Feh!

Car: Remember that hussy you were flirting with on Monday? Yeah...

Me: But... but... I may be that kind of girl, but I didn't think you were that kind of car! *sigh* Must brave the family politics to see if I can get Dad to fix the electronics on my car. At least this will give me a chance to bug him about going back in for heart surgery. Ah, the joy.

*goes to feed seshat's cat*

Me: Sniff, sniff, grumble, grumble. Oh, I am so put upon. Why do all these bad things keep happening to me?

Cute kitty cat: Pet me. I'm cute.

All the bad things: Cute kitty cat! Aiee! Run away!!!!

Me: Huh, that's better. Maybe this day doesn't suck so badly after all.

And thus we see that cute kitty cats are the cure for most ills.

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