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You know the real problem with Psycho Freak Boss?

I like him as a person. I just think he's a nightmare as a boss. (Similar to the nightmare described in that Japanese proverb.)

So I told him about the conversation with the Princess from the other day. Out of the blue he says "you still have to drive my car."

I am not one to turn down a drive in an S2000. Especially not when the owner expects me to drive it fast. So I mentioned the next autoX, which will be down his direction.

"What are you doing right now?" he asked.

"Talking to you?" I snarked.

"Come on," he said, grabbing his keys.

I had nothing better to do. Work, I guess -- though that could hardly be called "better".

I like cars that you "put on". Nice, snuggly cars where everything you could possibly want is right at your fingertips. An S2000 definitely fits this bill. In fact, it may almost be a little too cozy for me. Maybe it's just that I'm uncomfortable in other people's cars.

The clutch is not as tetchy as mine is, though I presume that compared to most, it's fairly touchy. My boss complimented me that most people can't get work the clutch correctly right off the bat. Of course, his is new, and mine is a cranky old Acrua clutch, so from my perspective, it wasn't really hard.

Tromp the gas and it goes nicely. It's not like the STi, where you get slammed in the seat when the driver floors the gas followed by a punch in the kidneys when the turbo kicks in. You just put your right foot down and the next thing you know you're doing twice the speed limit, no fuss, no muss. (Oops.)

The handling is nice and light, though I didn't give it much of a workout. Boss's baby + urban street with random, weird traffic + first time in years in a RWD did not make me much inclined to provoke the back end. Particularly not when my instinct when the back starts sliding is to stomp the gas. >.> (That works better on front-drivers.) I was pleasantly surprised that it did feel like it would take a fair amount of provokation before the back had an urge to go its own way.

The VTEC point is around 6200 RPM. Feh. Mine is around 4100. I'm surprised that anyone autocrossing S2000s bother to shift. It was, however, a lot of fun figuring this out. I had a long straight with good visibility, so I (at boss's urging -- though, really, he and I both figured this was a golden opportunity at the same time) floored it. The difference once I kicked it over to the VTEC was... *big grin* It's not a very subtle effect, let's just say that.

Even so, I'm not lusting after an S2000 the way I want an STi. It's a nice car, and I'm sure I could get along well with one, should one just happen to show up in my driveway. It's very much a Honda through and through, which I do find comforting, along with the smooth NA responsiveness. But I am probably not going to make my little 'Teggie jealous every time we get passed by an S2000.

I'm still working on having him come out to the next autocross. It's in his neck of the woods, and it's one of my favorite sites -- in part because we always get four runs, and fun runs are practically guranteed as well. Hopefully I can con him into letting me take his car out for fun runs. (Or, heck, I've been out so much I don't care about points so I could just co-drive. Though I think my honey would be a little put out if I did.)

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