Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

One Blessing -- Hold The Disguise

Earlier today I had been nervous about the job situation. I've got two weeks and then I have no more income. Not a really fun place to be.

Then I came back in from lunch. I mentioned to a couple of users that I'm almost finished with the current change I'm making and that it would be good to get that program, along with the other change that I made, installed to production before I leave in two weeks. (Never mind that next week is month's end, and we don't do roll-outs there -- have fun! *parade wave*)

This sparked off an amazing chain of "what change? I didn't know about any change. Did someone authorize this change? Shouldn't someone authorize this change? This isn't a change we requested. Why are we doing this change again?"

At the end of it all I was feeling much, much happier about leaving this job.

Interview rescheduled for Tuesday. And I'm going to have to call (as opposed to send e-mail) to the company that I interviewed with earlier in the month. If they aren't going to hire me then I at least deserve the courtesy of a phone call telling me that, dammit. If they haven't decided yet, then it also wouldn't kill them to tell me that as well.

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