Sandpanther (sandpanther) wrote,

Interview cancelled, to be rescheduled. I called in, rather than sending an e-mail, which probably convinced them that they really do not want to see me today. (I'm actually *less* congested today than I have been all weekend -- I just feel worse in other ways now.)

Finally watched the Rally Mexico coverage last night (no, I hadn't seen it yet, and yes, I have been feeling really, really rotten.) Ordered in pizza (not from Dominos, thankyouverymuch) and daydreamed of better times.

Being laid out on a couch all weekend has been giving me the time to get caught up on everything and sort pictures a bunch. I really wish I knew some of the tricks lucifie showed me for S&E's wedding, since the shots would have come out a lot better. Need to research getting new lenses. Need a faster zoom, and need a lens that goes below f4.5.

Need to go find better drugs. And maybe some more pizza.

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