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Went to lunch with some coworkers, both former and current. Two classic comments came up that I just had to share.

On the drive there, Fluffy complained at length that it took over five months for this one project to be implemented. He then commented "our users are really spoiled. They need to have some really bad service so they can appreciate the good service we give."

(I failed to die laughing at that. But it took a lot of effort, and I'm glad I was in the back seat by myself at the time, 'cause I certainly wasn't maintaining a straight face!)

One of the people there was The Village Idiot. It's rare that I hate coworkers as I hated this man. As a person, he's okay. As a coworker, he made my life a living hell. I especially dreaded coming in to work on Tuesdays, since he would have a conference call that mainly consisted of him swearing loudly at the people on the other end of the line because they did not agree with him. He would shout and swear at them until he bludgeoned them into submission. It was not pleasant to listen to first thing in the morning. And his language was very definitely not work appropriate, or something that one should be saying in front of children.

Well, today he was a good deal more mellow than then. But at one point in the conversation he got off onto a rant. "I'm all in favor of free speech and all," he said, "but all the crude language in public really gets me. People shouldn't be using vulgarity somewhere where everyone else has to listen to it."

My response to that... will not be to quote his former uses of vulgarity in the work place. Tempting though it might be.

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