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Nnngh. Now I ache all over. It's not the "I've been hiking up hillsides, crawling through barnyards and falling down waterfalls" kind of ache. I hope I'm not coming down with the flu. That would be just about perfect right now. *insert dripping sarcasm here*

On the good side, while I was gone I got a call from a company I sent a resume to. They are going to be calling me in for an interview. *crosses fingers*

Many thanks to everyone for the support and well-wishes. I'm not doing badly right now. I'm just sad and happy-hyper at the same time, and I'm finding it very confusing. They are such conflicting emotions, it shouldn't be possible to feel both at the same time.

*pondering ordering in a pizza, since there is no food in the house*

*decides that there was enough modified Wales diet this weekend, and maybe some hot and sour soup might be better*

(Weird. I would swear I have dreamed this post before. If I had, I wish I could have remembered the "falling down waterfalls" part enough to remember to avoid doing it.)

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