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Thinking about the last entry, it's not that I mind that they are getting rid of the useful people in favor of keeping people who have no relevent skills other than to kiss up. It's that the people with no relevent skills keep coming and asking me to teach them how to do what it is they need to do without any clue about how complex their requests are. And then they don't listen.

Take this instance for example:

Useless Person: How do I delete all the data from the table? Is there just a "delete data" button?

Me: I'll show you. Click this bit here, and... No, wait. You have too many records in your table. This way will lock your computer up. You'll have to do a delete query.

UP: Okay, I'll just do it this way. *goes to answer the phone*

Me: (thinks) ??? Did she miss the part where it will lock her computer up?

If they are going to make me do the work, I wish they wouldn't make me work through a clueless individual in order to do it.


Then there is the other side, where I am doing the work but I am being directed through the steps by a clueless individual. In this case, The Contractor.

For example, there were a couple of records that needed correcting. This sort of bad data comes up fairly regularly, so we have a regular process to follow. I've already shown her the process for correcting them once before, but volunteered to correct the records myself this time since she was complaining that she's so busy, and I am rather bored. She said that she wanted to watch how I did it. Fine. I figured she just wanted to familiarize herself with the process some more, not a problem.

What she actually did was stand behind me and tell me what to do. This would have been a good deal less annoying if:

1) she were doing the steps in the same order I was doing them in,

- OR -

2) she had a clue what she was doing.

(Useless Person just came over to tell me that her computer is locked. Imagine my surprise!)
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