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The buying company has most of their data in SQL Server, and has a user group who wants data out of our AS400 system imported into an MS Access database. We have one and only one person in IT who knows SQL Server and MS Access. So, knowing my company, would you expect that they:

A) Put the person who knows SQL Server and Access onto integration projects.
B) Lay off the person who knows SQL server and Access because their job is "redundant".

Anyone who has read this journal for any period of time probably already knows the answer. I am having a lot of fun sitting and looking at the person they have co-opted into messing around in Access and laughing. I suspect she might have an easier time if she actually knew anything about SQL. Or Windows. Or, really, anything Microsoft.

Speaking of laughing...

While chasing down an issue today, I was chit-chatting with the Chihuahua On A Stick. I commented that the reason I was being particularly unhelpful today is because I'm going away soon. The Contractor commented that she's going away in eight days.

"Oh, that's perfect," the Chihuahua On A Stick replied sarcastically. "You're supposed to train her and she's going on vacation."

I grinned.

Since it's been almost a week since the game store said they would have my copy of GT4 in, I figured it was time to give them a call.

Me: I reserved a copy of GT4 about a week and a half ago, and I was wondering when you expected it in?

Guy: Oh, we didn't call you?

Me: Why, no.

Guy: You must have been one of the ones we couldn't get ahold of. We have it in. We've had it in for a while now.

Me: You're making me cry.

I'm not sure he realized that I was joking.


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