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Holidays Rock

So far today I have:

- Found the purse that I absolutely positively had to find today so I have it for the interview tomorrow.

- Got the CD burner on the Toshiba laptop to work. This absolutely positively had to happen before Mexico.

- Managed to get a DVD-RAM to burn on the Toshiba laptop. This will be nice to have working in Mexico. 4.7 GB worth of external storage will come in handy, I think.

- Bought a backpack to take to Mexico that doesn't quite fit my laptop. I am debating whether to just use it anyway or go looking for another one. Unfortunately, all the other ones I saw either wouldn't work, or were not as cool and were much, much more expensive.

- Bought a spare battery for the camera. Now I have to take some 700 - 900 shots to run it all the way out sometime in the next two weeks. I think I'll take Skyline home one evening and spend some time practicing shotting moving cars.

- Bought hooks and mounted the hanging basket I have been wanting up since... well, moving in. This will be handy for storing apples and solid vegetables like potatoes and onions. I'm not sure if the hook will hold once I have a heavy load in there, though, since the hook might be sunk into more drywall than stud. (My studfinder needs to stop smoking things...)

- Found my Subaru hat. Yay!!!! I've been looking for this since I moved.

- Found my missing Subaru shirt. Yay!!! I'm not sure when how this disappeared, since I know I wore it sometime after I moved. Either way, I have it available for Mexico, which makes me very happy. I think I might have all my shirts I need for the weekend packed.

- Found my Sharpies from Wales. They have been duely packed.

- Found some nifty tile that I'm thinking of using in the kitchen, once I start re-doing it. Pretty!

- Found a recipie for yummy zuccini pancakes that I've been looking for.

Still to go:

- Eat dinner! (Me is hungry...)

- Go grocery shopping.

- Poke my head into the local game store to see if maybe they feel like putting GT4 out a day early. (I saw a commercial for it. I squealed like a fangirl. Okay, so maybe part of the squealing was due to the commercial showing a rally course, with a car that obviously had to have been Tommi's in ... '98, I think. Maybe '97. Lo, the fangirling.)

After that I think I'll mess around with clearing some more space on the laptop and dumping stuff off of the TiVo.

Tomorrow I work from home, and take half a day so that I can go to an interview. Not sure if it's with an agency or with a principle. We will see. Then I try to track down GT4, then off to dinner with seshat (do you really want me to bring more cheesecake?)


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