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Weird Dream

(This is mainly for my own notes, since I figure this would be pretty nifty, if I ever got back to writing fanfic again.)

The dream starts with me standing at a busy intersection. I'm not waiting for the light, I'm just hanging out. Suddenly Hayama (from Childs Toy, who had been standing next to me, though I hadn't noticed) says "we have to go now. Now! Now!" He dashes across the street, and up some stairs and into a park that is on the other side. I follow a little slower, muttering "wait up. I don't have your precog."

Upon arriving in the park the viewpoint shifts. Suddenly I'm the disembodied third-person narrator, and I'm floating just over Yuusuke's shoulder. Kuwabara and Hiei are there, as is Hayama. I didn't notice at the time, but thinking back on it, Kuramam is missing.

Where the gang is standing overlooks a sunken arena, with seats along the edge below them and a ring in the center. In the middle of the ring is an arch with a ramp. Lying on the ramp is Yukina, who is very pregnant and about to give birth. The gang knows that she's pregnant with twins. There are people scattered around in the arena, but not a lot.

(This part of the dream is kind of confused, and I've forgotten a lot of it.)
Something happens and Hayama charges toward the ring. He gets close, but bounces off an invisible force field. Yuusuke also charges, and isn't successful at getting through. Suddenly something explodes and everyone is blown back. When the dust settles, it's obvious that Yukina has been killed. The gang tries to get to her, but it doesn't look like there is anything to be done.

The gang realizes that the Bad Guy (tm) is present, in kind of a disembodied kind of way. He taunts them for a while, and Hiei asks "why did you kill my si-- what use was it to kill her?" (Obviously he's still trying to cover up that he and Yukina are siblings.) The Bad Guy (tm) laughs a classic Bad Guy Laugh (tm) and taunts Our Heros some.

Yuusuke starts running around in a circle and purplish-black flames rise in a circle around the path he's running. It's obviously some kind of power-up for an attack. Before long he realizes that the Bad Guy (tm) has done something, and now he's trapped, running in a circle. He gets an idea, grabs Hiei's sword as he goes by, and then stabs Kuwabara through the heart. The dream suddenly goes very manga style, and does a freeze frame for a classic Shounen Jump Surprised Moment (tm). The next frame down is the same pose, but Yuusuke starts transforming into his demon form. The last pannel on the page is Yuusuke in demon form, still with the sword stuck in Kuwabara. They stare at each other, Yuusuke with a satisfied look on his face, Kuwabara with a very surprised one.

Somehow this breaks whatever the Bad Guy (tm) had done and Yuusuke stops running in circles. The purple-black flames are still there, and Yuusuke uses them to launch an attack. The Bad Guy (tm) retreats.

The gang looks over the damage. The people watching have all either fled or are fleeing. Kuwabara sits and heals (apparently he picked up speed healing as a power; Yuusuke knew this, which is why he stabbed Kuwabara -- he figured that K. would be able to heal up quickly and not come to any real harm.)

As the gang is surveying the damage, Willow (from Buffy fame) runs up. (I think other members of the Scooby Gang were there as well, but they were dream-vague.) She says she wasn't able to do anything about The Bad Guy (tm), and she is very sad.

Yukina's body is still lying on the ramp, but she is no longer pregnant. No one is sure what happened to the kids. The gang figures that they will ask Koenma if there is anything he could do (or shed any light on the matter.) And that's where it all ends.

On a related note, anyone on Char do you happen to have a copy of Childhood Demons (my YYH/Child's Toy crossover fic)? I think my copy got eaten when the computers all crashed and I'm not sure if it ended up on a backup or not.

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