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Antihistimines: 0
Sandpanther: 0
Cold-induced dizziness: 1

I REALLY want this thing to go away. Having only 12 weeks to find a new job and spending the last 2 out of it is NOT making me a happy camper.

On the bright side, I think I can rule out allergies as a cause at the moment. The sinuses all feel fine. I still feel dizzy and fatigued. *bleh* But at least I'm not suffering when I could just take something and be fine, which makes me... well, maybe not pleased, but at least I don't feel like a dork.

Theoretically the washing machine gets fixed today. At least it's a good reason to take off from work early today and go collapse on the couch. I appreciate that. And hey, who knows? Maybe I can have clean clothes soon.

(seshat, I remember why we were talking about getting together at your place -- your washer works!)

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