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Keep The Perspective

From this week's Justice League Unlimited:

"I never thought to see Batman play good cop."
"Everything's relative."

Fluffy and Mostly Inoffensive Coworker are grumping (loudly) about The Contractor. (Oddly enough, one of their complaints involves The Contractor refusing to run something in Production that I wouldn't have any qualms doing. But I do support her decision not to run junk in Production.)

As odd as it seems for me to say such a thing, I think this is a Bad Sign. At this point in time it's become clear to me that The Contractor is going to be the one taking over my job. After further correspondence with My Little Lamb, it's pretty obvious that he thinks he's going to run in, do a little bit of migration work and then split, leaving my programs to... well, take care of themselves, it seems. It hasn't worked for the four years I've been here, so I don't see any reason why it should suddenly start now. Someone HAS to keep doing my job for as long as these systems are used for making product. It's critically important both for actually getting labels printed, and for making sure that the FDA remains happy with the company. Phasing out the programs is an option. (Time consuming, admitted. But still an option.) Leaving the programs in place with no support is not.

(And that's just the support aspects. I'm still getting weekly requests for new enhancements. Several of them are enough of a headache to implement that I'm glad I can smile and say, gee, I'm glad I won't be here when you're ready to tackle that problem. Have fun, good luck!")

Whenever I hear things like this I have to stop myself. My instinct is to go running around making a fuss and getting someone to Pay Attention Because This Is IMPORTANT. They are being stupid and not making the decisions that they need to make in order to keep the systems running and the business functioning. But, no. Really, is it important to me? No. Absolutely not. I'm not the one deciding to leave here, someone else is making that decision for me.

And yet... Really, I am making the decision. Leaving is exactly according to my plan. I would not be one bit happier if suddenly The Powers That Be At My Dorky Company suddenly woke up one day and said "what were we thinking? We must keep Sandpanther around!" In fact, I would be very, very unhappy if they did that. So why am I fussed that it looks like they are going to screw things up after I leave?

It all comes down to being miffed that I feel like I'm being thrown out. Which is silly, really. Their timeline for my leaving the company and my original idea on when to leave are completely in line. If anything, they are giving me a month longer than I want to have to take. (If that makes sense? I want to be able to give notice before leaving for Mexico.) Right now it's all in the perspective. Am I being thrown out? Or am I leaving because it's time to find a better job, one with growth potential and coworkers I like rather than openly mock and deride? Gee, that should be pretty obvious.

Still, it kinda irks me that they are throwing me out. It's like the old "you can't fire me, I quit first!" I want to have the power to quit first, rather than have them show me the door.

I really should find some "I'm thinking about boring, Real Life stuff" icons. I'm figuring that I'm going to be doing a lot more thinking before my life finally settles down again, and I'm betting that not all of my friends want to read my pointless blabbering.

And my home-made apple cider with the caramel sauce that seshat gave me for Christmas is really, really decadant. ^__^

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