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Sandpanther Had A Little Lamb

So, the guy who I am supposed to transition my job to finally wrote to me today. It didn't quite take a month. In fact, it was an entire four days short of a month between the time that I got told that someone else will be taking over my job until the supposed someone else actually materialized. Not bad for my company, all things considered.

And yet... The poor thing. He thinks I only take care of one program. Heh. No, by my current count I take care of 22. Yes, that is twenty-two. I did not have some repeating key problem, I really do take care of many multiple programs. Blame screwball design.

(And 22 is down from the 27 that I had when I first started. I've been pretty agressive about combining programs whenever I could, or phasing out obsolete applications.)

I can't remember what I said to earn the Chihuahua On A Stick calling me "an evil bitch". But whatever it was, I was awfully proud of it. Oh, yes. That was it. I offered to include hand him the (supposed) program bug I just got handed -- to help him get up to speed and all, since he's going to have to take these things over soon enough anyway. It seems a perfectly reasonable transition step to me... Except for the part where I know I earned being called a bitch for it. *halo*

I don't know why, but it made me really happy to have one of my coworkers call me a bitch again. Probably because it reminded me of the Grand Master Freak from my last job. He and I had a great working relationship. Though I think anyone listening to us probably would have worried that we were about to come to blows. Some people just don't get it.

Off to try and figure out how to explain to my little lamb just how big the scope of the nightmare he inherited is...
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