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Dilbert = Real Life

This Dilbert resembles my real life more than words can say. Fortunately, when I submitted a vacation request for time that I hadn't accrued yet (but will have by the time the vacation rolls around), my Poity-Haired Boss just said "okay."

I caught the grunge that's going around. Since I've used all my vacation time on other things, I am working from bed today. This should be thrilling, since I've had to re-type most sentences in this post twice. The New Company is supposed to have seperate sick time and vacation time, but since they haven't announced the new policies yet (gee, they've only had six months before the deal and nearly one month after to think about it -- wouldn't want to rush these things!), I can't take advantage of it. It's probably just as well they haven't announced anything yet, since I have a feeling that the new policies are going to screw my plans for Mexico. *rolls eyes*
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