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Weird, Weird, Just Weird

So, I'm driving back from lunch. I'm all happy and mellow, since I just had a good lunch with good friends -- one of whom I rarely see. The weather is gorgeous, the light playing on the mountains is just perfect. It's the "all is well in the universe" type of day that my favorite song from the IniD Second Stage Eurodance album reminds me of. (Coincidentally, I have that very song playing on the radio.) Life am good.

Zipping around a corner I see -- one of the ugliest vehicles it has ever been my misfortune to lay eyes on. Maybe not as ugly as the Aztec, but still very, very wrong. It looks like someone took a Mercedes and blew it up to be as big as a full-size pickup truck, then stuck a bed on the end where the back seat should be. It looked like a cross between a big, American muscle pickup and a European sports car. And stuck right in the middle of its testosterone-reeking mammoth grille -- was a huge Cadillac logo. Wrong, wrong, so very, very wrong. *shiver*

Meanwhile, (since Cecil asked about it), the parking lot wars do continue. Only now we have a new twist: large mini vans that don't want to be bothered with this "side of the road" thing, and drive right down the middle of it. Grr.

One of these side-fully challenged mini vans is parked one spot over from where I normally park. It's quite annoying, since it makes it harder for me to back into my normal spot. I was considering parking somewhere else (since the cars that were parking in my original old spot seem to have migrated elsewhere). But I noticed that the mini van was gone when I headed out to lunch today, so I'm not sure if I should bother. We'll see if they're back later -- and more importantly, we'll see where they're parked.

(Yes, this is thoroughly petty. I do know that. But since I am amused by the smallest things, doesn't it make sense that I am also annoyed by the smallest things?)

Speaking of weird-looking cars, my boss brought in the magazine with the picture of the car that looks like Darth Vader's helmet. It's call the Fuya-jo. My boss didn't mention that in the picture he has, it looks like a pinkish-blue version of Darth Vader's helmet. *whimper* At some point Research Girl should find out why they decided to name it "Castle of No Night" (though she can take a few guesses...)

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